Supporting positive health change

Answering questions

Company B produce health data that people need, sometimes urgently. Those data can help people improve their own health, but it isn’t simple.

Anyone can make a shiny dashboard with coloured graphs and whizz-bang buttons, but that’s trivial. Usually, it takes expertise to use the information properly. Most of us don’t know how to handle data, question it, and plan how to use it in the future.

What the Monkey did

We took basic scientific principles and turned them into rules of thumb that could be used by people like you or me to quiz the data, generate hypotheses, and challenge our own beliefs. We supported Company B in developing their own ideas by building prototypes their coders could use as templates. Perhaps most importantly, we used statistics to clarify the data rather than to complicate the analysis.

How it helped

The honest answer is, we don’t know yet. This one’s still playing out. Exciting, isn’t it?