About Monkeyglandin

Monkeyglandin started as a blog, but everyone’s got to earn a living, so it now has some information on products and services too. First and foremost, I want it to be interesting and useful.

Who’s the Monkey?

I’m a scientist and I do some consultancy. I’ve worked in academia, and I’ve also spent a bit of time doing other things. A lot of my time has been spent working for pharmaceutical companies. That probably gives me some biases. I hope it also gives me some insight into using science to achieve something tangible.

Why Monkeyglandin?

I teach a lot of evidence-based medicine. When I use real treatments as examples, people sometimes get confused. Often, they get focused on the details of the example rather than the principle we’re talking about. To avoid getting lost in the details, it’s better to demonstrate a principle using made up treatments.

My favourite made-up treatments are Monkeyglandin and Badgerjuice, so the site’s called Monkeyglandin.

There are some other made up treatments I use, as well as a couple of made up diseases. Of course, some of them just look made up…