Helping families be their best

Synthesising the evidence

Company A had a great idea. They wanted to help families work better. They knew where to start, but:

  • They didn’t understand the existing research in enough detail
  • They didn’t know who could help them

What the Monkey did

We helped Company A understand how to synthesise complex data clearly, honestly, and transparently. Specifically, we helped them build searches for targeted information and then synthesise the data they found across different outcome measures by building models explaining the component parts of family life.

Crucially, we backed this up by using objective methods from social network analysis to identify experts who could guide Company A in building the scientific basis for their work.

How it helped

In a very short time, Company A built a strong understanding of a very complex research area and found individuals who could take them further. The main goal of Monkeyglandin in this was to build their capability rapidly. It’s short-term work that has long-term benefits and is low risk. In areas that are very competitive, the science can help you avoid being drawn in┬áby overblown claims.